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Individual counselling


Even the most resilient among us can need a little help sometimes. To be really listened to and understood, to be accepted without judgment, can help us work through whatever difficulties we may be experiencing. A counselling relationship is established with the aim of offering you that opportunity. It can provide the time and space to help you explore what is going on, and identify triggers, responses, thoughts and feelings so that you feel more in control of yourself and your situation.


Sometimes, the roots of current problems lie in the past and making sense of them in the present can help us move on with our lives. Often, simply being able to think aloud in a neutral, supportive, confidential setting can provide hope when we feel we have none.


Sessions are 50 minutes in length. The fee is £45. Lower fees can be negotiated for those experiencing financial hardship.


If you are interested in counselling please feel free to e-mail me or phone, without any obligation to book an appointment.

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